Ballard Pest Management Consulting, LLC

James B. Ballard, PhD, BCE


Ballard Pest Management Consulting, LLC, 2022 begins the 15th year of business!

Ballard leaves FMC and starts Ballard Pest Management Consulting, LLC.

Medford, New Jersey.  After 20 years as the technical manager, and later a product development manager for pest control products with FMC Corporation Professional Solutions, Dr. Jim Ballard has formed his own company, Ballard Pest Management Consulting, LLC.

The new company is located in Medford, NJ and will provide the professional pest management industry with product development and consulting support. 

As a consulting company, BallardPMC will support all levels of the industry including pest management companies.  For more information, call 856.979.1200 or email  Log on to the web site at for a full description of the company and the services offered to the pest management industry.