Ballard Pest Management Consulting, LLC

James B. Ballard, PhD, BCE

Jim Ballard, Pest Management Consultant


New Business Support

BallardPMC has experience to assist in a wide variety of projects typically designed to answer a question or solve a problem for a client. Consultation is used because of the expertise, staffing, time investment or focus that a consultant can bring to bear separate from the day to day client needs and staffing. For example, a registrant may need assistance in running a EUP field program. PMP firms in the process of growing through acquisition may need assistance in sorting product and service offerings that make sense for integration into the new emerging larger company. Interest in a new service area such as how to use green chemistry, or how to develop a new perimeter treatment program where product and service offering guidance may be needed.

Product Development and Support

BallardPMC can provide assistance in the development of new products and the support of launched products. This is especially important where finding a "hook" for proprietary products in a generic marketplace is needed or where regulations shift to allow new categories of products for the marketplace such as termiticides that last less than 5 years.

Technology Evaluation

New or emerging technology can be tested and evaluated to estimate the value to interested parties.

Efficacy Data Development

Lab and field efficacy data can be generated for the development of products or patents. 


BallardPMC can provide an ear and opinion to a wide variety of clients.


Training can be provided to PMPs or other professional user groups. BallardPMC can provide certification training or product specific training.

Legal Support

BallardPMC can provide technical expertise to support the legal defense of Professional Pest Management firms.

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